Physical Market
Offer your grain stored in warehouse

Clear Grain Exchange Physical Market enables growers to offer their grain for sale that is warehoused at approved grain storage providers. Once your grain is on offer, ALL BUYERS can see it and try to purchase it.

Create an offer

Your grain can automatically sell

During market open hours, if a firm bid matches your offer price, or you edit your offer to match a firm bid, your grain will sell instantly. The firm and live nature of your offer encourages more buyers to participate and try and buy your grain.

How does my Grain work?

You are protected with secure settlement

Once your grain trades, CGX’s secure settlement process ensures you do not lose title of your grain until the buyer has paid.

Secure Trade Settlement

It’s easy to create, edit or cancel your offers on-line at anytime, free of any charges with the click of a button. If your grain sells, you retain title until your are paid, ensuring your are always protected.

  • CGX’s secure settlement process is facilitated by an independent custodian (Perpetual Limited) so CGX never has ownership of grain or funds, making CGX the most secure way to sell your grain.
  • This secure settlement process all occurs within a maximum of 7 business days.
  • Any applicable industry levies, end point royalties, and storage provider fees are automatically deducted and clearly outlined on your trade settlement notice.
  • CGX prides itself as an industry leader in efficient and secure payment.