Forward Market
Create a Forward Offer Instantly

The Clear Grain Exchange Forward Marketplace allows sellers the ability to secure a target price today for grain they are going to deliver into an approved Bulk Handler at a future date.

Forward Market

It's easy to create, edit and cancel forward offers in real time, free of any charges, ensuring you remain in control.

  • Offers in the market are viewable to the approved buyers on the Clear Grain Exchange giving you the market depth you require.
  • Clear will also provide you free daily SMS market alerts so you are always up to date with the relevant market activity.

How Does a Bid and Offer Get Matched?

Matched offer and bid

Clear Forward has two ways in which a forward contract is created:

  1. If a buyer matches your forward offer, Clear will notify you via SMS and email and you can simply accept or decline the buyers grade spreads for any multi grade contract within a 2 hour window. If you approve, a contract will be automatically generated. For any fixed grade contracts, acceptance and contract generation will be automatic.
  2. Alternatively you can match a firm forward bid in the market. The buyer will be given a 2 hour window to confirm the contract, with the contract automatically generated upon approval.

How Will the Trade be Securely Settled?

Secure Trade

Once your physical grain is delivered into warehouse, all you need to do is perform a title transfer into Clear's custodian account to commence the secure settlement process.

  • Clear's secure settlement process ensures you do not lose title to your grain until you have been paid. Title is held by a third party custodian until payment is received.
  • You will get paid within a maximum of 7 business days from when your grain is received by Clear.