Our aim is to improve farm gate returns by creating an efficient market where all supply chain participants benefit.

We operate an independent and secure grain exchange enabling all buyers, sellers, and their agents, to bid or offer grain at their price in an open and transparent market with secure settlement.

The exchange ensures a robust digital trail of all orders and transactions giving all participants confidence whilst ensuring grain trades at its FULL VALUE.

The exchange has traded more than 7.9 million tonnes and settled over $1.6 billion of transactions across all the major growing regions of Australia.

Clear Grain Exchange was owned and operated by NZX Limited, who operate the New Zealand Stock Exchange, from 2009 to 2016 before we privatised and are now 30% owned by leading Australian agribusiness Elders Limited.

The principles and knowledge in running an independent and secure exchange borne from NZX Limited continue to underpin the operations of Clear Grain Exchange today. This ensures operations of the exchange are without bias and encourage as many buyers as possible to participate in trying to buy your grain.

Our Values

Transparent with our customers, defined in our purpose

Dependable with our service, accountable to our product

Always improving, determined to be the best

Empathetic to customers, effective in our teamwork

Providing genuine value, passionate and hardworking


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Suit 6, 27 Izett Street
Prahran, Vic 3181
+61 3 9070 3400

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