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Bin Grade Site Season Quantity Remaining Port Equivalent Price Building
CAN Cunningar (GNC), NSW 18/19 500.00 500.00 $591.04 $561.79

About Bids

The bids screen allows you to view and search through all bids for grain on Clear, including your own bids.

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CAN Canola

500.00 mt
Original Quantity
500.00 mt
Cunningar (GNC), NSW
Port zone
Port Kembla
Bid Price per mt

Payment Terms and Title for Physical Grain

The buyer pays within 5 business days from trade. The seller is paid within 7 business days from trade. Funds are received from the buyer into a trust account. Perpetual act as an independent custodian and remit the funds as instructed by Clear. Title is not transferred until cleared funds are received.