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CGX Market open hours extended

December 31, 2018

Clear Grain Exchange (CGX) now trades an extra 2 hours at the end of each trading day to accommodate customer requests and growth in Western Australia.

As at 1 December 2018 the independent grain exchange moved market close from 6:30pm AEST to 8:30pm AEST (5:30pm AWST).

The extension to live trading hours is national and on the back of customer demand from grain sellers and buyers, particularly in Western Australia, who wanted more opportunity to trade.

The longer trading hours will help to facilitate more trade opportunity for all growers and buyers. Offers and bids would often match within a couple of hours after market close especially given there have been market leading bids on the exchange as buyers look for grain.

CGX has invested significantly in the WA market over the past 2 seasons and seen more than a 350% increase in WA trade volume year-on-year.

Contact CGX on 1800 000 410 or visit, alternatively if you use a grain marketing professional you can talk to them about accessing the exchange on your behalf.

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