Roger and Fabien Todd


Location: “Wirrinun”, Condobolin, NSW
Grains Traded: Wheat and canola
Annual Trading: 5000 tonnes
Marketing Options: Clear Grain Exchange, physical forward contracts, hedging, swaps, cash pool.

Roger and Fabien Todd run a large scale grazing and cropping enterprise 70km North West of Condobolin, New South Wales.

It was the simplicity of Clear Grain Exchange that initially attracted the Todd’s, however it was the exposure to the huge range of buyers and fast payment terms that got them over the line.

“Once we had delivered to GrainCorp, we couldn’t believe that all we had to do to sell our grain on Clear was to register online and then set our price. It was that simple” said Roger.

“Secondly; and what really interested us, was how quick we could get our grain to the market. At the time there was a large shortage of good quality grain in the market and we had a lot of that good quality so Clear was a really quick way for us to put it out there, let a massive broad spectrum of buyers see it and to get a bidding frenzy on it”.

“Obviously the 7 day payment terms are great too. Last year when we came off a few really bad years we were fairly cash poor. Coming into harvest the fast payment Clear provides was really handy to keep things ticking along” continued Roger.

Roger also believes trading on Clear makes life easier and saves him time.

“There are a lot better things I could be doing than being tied to the desk. With Clear I spend less time ringing people – it streamlines things. We went on holiday when it rained last year and I remember the Clear SMS alerts continuously coming through telling us our grain had sold. I thought it was fantastic! Clear advertise in-pocket prices so we knew exactly what we were going to get. We’d set our target prices and the market came to us instead of us going to the market. It all happened when we were on holiday and it was a really good feeling”.

“If you’ve got something the market wants, give Clear a go” said Roger.

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