Bruce Atkinson


Location: “Leniston Pines”, Finley, NSW
Grains Traded: Wheat, canola
Annual Trading: Approx. 4000 tonnes
Marketing Options: Clear Grain Exchange, cash prices

Bruce Atkinson produces approximately 4000 tonnes of quality grain at Finley, in the Riverina region of New South Wales.

The 2010/11 harvest was the first time Bruce traded with Clear Grain Exchange. After initially testing the water, Bruce went on to trade 2/3 of his harvest with Clear. He will certainly use the system again this harvest.

“We had an enormous 2010/11 harvest and had a lot of grain to sell. Since the demise of AWB and with the deregulation of Australia’s grain industry, it was a huge transition and I must say it wasn’t easy to market your own grain. So when I came across the Clear system it was like a breath of fresh air. An account was automatically created when I delivered to our GrainCorp site and it was a simple process to register online”.

“With Clear I am able to set my own price any time of day; there are no transfers, all the paper work is done for me and I get paid within 7 days! For the first time I am in control and I like that – all I have to do is make sure I set the right price.” commented Bruce.

The level of price transparency Clear provides growers is another advantage for Bruce.

“When you see prices quoted in the market it is very hard to compare apples with apples. There is a lot of variance between what prices are advertised and what they are actually paying. With Clear it’s clear. All the costs are automatically deducted so you know exactly what you’re getting in pocket”.

Bruce says he is more than happy with the Clear system and believes it is the way of the future.

“In agriculture our communication, information exchange and selling are all advancing online. In the past I have had a lot of success selling stock online and now fortunately with Clear, I’m having the same success selling my grain. I have complete confidence in the program – it’s the way of the future and a natural progression for the grain industry. I suggest anyone who hasn’t tried Clear to give it a go. Put a value on your grain and let the buyers come to you”.

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