Geoff Nalder


Location: “Meatian Park”, Swan Hill, VIC
Grains Traded: Predominately wheat
Annual Trading: Approx. 12000 tonnes
Marketing Options: Clear Grain Exchange, fixed forward contracts, swaps

Geoff Nalder, a large scale grain producer from the Eastern Mallee in Victoria and former VFF Grains President has been a strong supporter of Clear Grain Exchange since its inception.

“Clear Grain Exchange offers producer’s a cost effective marketing option. From my perspective, having the facility and the ability to be able to post prices that you want on a web site that is visible to a multitude of buyers anytime of the day is a really important advancement for producers across Australia post deregulation of the grains market” said Geoff.

Geoff also likes the flexibility Clear provides.

“With the volatility and the extreme price fluctuations in the grains industry; I like the ability to be able to post a percentage of my grain early in the selling season on Clear, with a spread on the price, but most importantly I like the ability to be able to log on at any time of the day or night and make changes to the offers and the tonnage that I’ve got with Clear”.

“It’s also a positive not have to worry about taking too many phone calls and negotiating with buyers on a daily basis as far as trying to get the best price. I’m happy to comment on how Clear gives you a really good price as far as what you’re going to put into your bank. It’s very transparent”.

The automatic disbursement of all regulatory obligations (including levies) is another significant benefit for Geoff.

“If you’re fair dinkum about wanting to have a strong and viable grain research and development corporation or seed provider, then you need to pay your end point royalty. Clear automatically disburse all regulatory obligations plus other relevant costs when your grain is sold so you know exactly what your in-pocket price will be. It is one less thing growers need to worry about and a significant benefit for the whole industry”.

Geoff traded a large percentage of his grain on Clear last season and the system will be high on his agenda this coming harvest.

“We have successfully traded a lot of grain on Clear continue to adjust our prices daily or almost daily. So far I’ve been happy with the outcome and the payment terms are exceptional”.

“The Clear concept has a lot of merit and it’s a marketing option that I believe every grain producer should familiarise themselves with. For those who have not yet chosen to go down the Clear path then I think they should”.

“Clear is a really viable and valid option for producers who want to be in control of their own destiny” said Geoff.

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