Irene and Ian Fraser


Location: “Kelinda”, Moura, QLD
Grains Traded: Wheat
Annual Trading: Approx. 1000 tonnes
Marketing Options: Clear Grain Exchange

Irene Fraser performs the important role of marketing her family’s grain which is produced at “Kelinda”, 14kms north of Moura in central Queensland.

Irene has never looked back since first integrating the Clear Grain Exchange system into her grain marketing strategy last season.

“I was looking for new avenues to sell our grain - I wanted better prices. It was really difficult to market your grain post deregulation and farmers don’t have a lot of time to sit around so when I came across Clear I was thrilled”.

“I had no problems selling the majority of our 2010/11 harvest on Clear; we got better prices straight up and this year I think I’ll offer the whole lot. It is the easiest way to sell grain that’s for sure” said Irene.

“The people at Clear are really helpful and it’s so easy to set up. An account is automatically generated when you deliver to GrainCorp so all you need to do is activate it. It costs you nothing to set your price and when a bid matches your offer a contract is automatically generated so all the paper work is done for you. I think the hardest part is making sure you set the right price”.

“Having said that, if there is a bid that is close to your offer Clear will let you know so you can change your offer to meet the market. And if you need help or you aren't able to get to a computer you can just call the Clear Help Desk and they will do it for you. The communication is great” continued Irene.

Irene also appreciates the prompt payment Clear provides growers.

“The transparency Clear provides and the 7 day payment terms are great. You know exactly what you’re going to get in pocket and that’s a big bonus”.

Because of the success Irene has had selling her grain on Clear, many other growers have been convinced to try the Clear system.

“I’ve told many friends and associates about the benefits of Clear. It is just so quick and with the market information they provide grain marketing has never been easier” commented Irene.

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