Kingslee Stanley


Location: “Port Pirie”, South Australia
Grains Traded: Wheat and barley
Marketing Options: Clear Grain Exchange, cash options, multi grade contracts, pools

Kingslee Stanley farms a large scale cropping operation near Port Pirie, South Australia.

Clear Grain Exchange appealed to Kingslee because of the quick 7 day payment terms and its simplicity. Due to these benefits, Kingslee increased the percentage of grain traded with Clear Grain Exchange and has traded every year since.

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist but once you know the system it’s so easy. There aren’t even contracts to sign and if there is a big price spike in the market, Clear always notify me which is really helpful. I like to spread my risk and Clear Grain Exchange is certainly a great option for me” said Kingslee.

Being in control of his grain price is also important to Kingslee.

“As long as you set the right price, you’ll always be right. The entire process is transparent and flexible and you can manage it all by yourself. If I do come across any issues I know the Clear Grain Exchange help desk is just a phone call away” continued Kingslee.

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